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Mosquito Facts

The great warrior Alexander was the first victim of mosquito bite and the man, who conquered the world had no weapon to fight against the tiny mosquitoes and died due to malaria. The painful fact is that mosquitoes are responsible for killing more people than any other organism in the universe.

Mosquitoes are formidable foes to mankind and cause public health problem world over by transmitting diseases to more than 700 million people annually and responsible for deaths of about 1 in 17 people alive.

The bite of Anopheles mosquito causes Malaria. Around 5.3 million deaths of children are reported annually due to malaria.

The average life span of female mosquito is 3-100 days and male is 10- 20 days. In mosquitoes only female engages in blood sucking and she needs a blood meal to produce her eggs. Males are harmless and they feed on plant nectar.

Depending on species, a single female mosquito lays 100-300 eggs at a time and 1000-3000 during its life span. The mosquito matures from egg to adult in 4-7 days. We always bother to kill adult mosquitoes by toxic chemicals that not only affects mosquitoes but also poisons ourselves and our kids.

Bacto Power Bti is an unique product that solves mosquito problem organically by killing mosquito larvae in their breeding places such as stagnated water.

Biological control of mosquito

  • Bacto Power-Bti Contains the bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis variety israelensis.

  • Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis variety israelensis) is a bacterial toxin that infects and kills mosquito larvae. It is safe and environmentally sound because it is highly selective, killing larvae of the mosquitoes and black flies. Bti contains no poisonous chemicals and is completely harmless to human beings and other living organisms.

    Compared to harmful synthetic insecticides, Bti kills larvae quickly and efficiently. A moderate to heavy dose has been shown to reduce the mosquito population by one half in 15-minutes and the rest within one hour.

  • The specific activity of Bti generally is considered highly beneficial. Unlike most insecticides, Bti do not kill beneficial insects. This includes the natural enemies of insects (predators and parasites), as well as beneficial pollinators, such as honeybees.

  • Various Universities & Research Institutes around the world have carried out extensive research and proved that Bti is an ultimate biological technology to control mosquitoes.

  • Oregon State University
    University of Idaho
    University of California
    Michigan State University
    Pasteur Institute
    Indian Council of Medical Research
    National Institute of Communicable Diseases
    Malaria Research Center

    OR USE
    Bacto Power-Bti can be used in standing water such as rain barrels, water, gardens, ponds, bird baths, puddles, swamps and marshes on home properties, cottage properties and farms to ensure maximum control of mosquito breeding.

    Bacto Power-Bti, is a new, biodegradable mosquito control product to be applied to the surface of the water in any mosquito habitat. Bacto Power-Bti has unique surface-spreading formula.

    When Bacto Power-Bti is applied on the water surface, the active ingredient is released and becomes available for ingestion by mosquito larvae. Bacto Power-Bti is for use solely in standing waters.

    Do not apply to treated, finished drinking water reservoirs and drinking receptacles.


    Bacto Power - Bit is a liquid formulation available in 1,5,10 & 20 litres.

    Apply Bacto Power-Bti Biological Larvicide evenly on the water surface, at a rate of one ml of product per M2. To cover a water surface of 10M2, 10 mi. of the product is diluted in 1 litre of water and sprayed over the water surface.

    Allow 24-hours for maximum effect on larvae. If necessary, reapply at 7-10 days intervals if wrigglers are detected.

    We use technology approved by WHO

    • Our product is approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

    • Our product has been proved to be effective against mosquito larvae in severalgeographic locations.
    • Bacto Power-Bti can be used both in winter and summer months to reduce mosquito larvae populations.

    Mode of Action of Bacto Power -
    Once ingested Bacto Power -Bti paralyzes the cells in the stomach of the mosquito larvae, and acts as a stomach poison and kills them.

    Performance of Bactopower Bti in Different Countries
    Species 0/0 Reduction Country

    An. culicifacies



    An. sundaicus



    An. sinensis



    An. maculatus



    An. albimanus




    Many mosquito problems can be permanently reduced by preventing mosquito breeding in and around our living and work places. Since all mosquitoes breed in shallow quiet water, such areas around us should be sprayed with mosquito bio larvicide such as Bactopower Bti. Mosquitoes can develop in standing water, from eggs to biting adults, in 7 to 14 days when conditions are favourable.

    We have initiated a programme to prevent mosquito breeding in offices and residential areas. Our mosquito control program is actively inspecting and treating standing water to halt mosquito development before emergence.

    We periodically undertake spraying with our bio mosquito larvicide in breeding places around houses, offices, schools, colleges, hotels, apartments, hospitals etc.,This minimizes the breeding of mosquito and prevents adult emergence and ensures protection against mosquito bites.

    We feel that mosquito control is an integrated programme and it starts from you, your neighbor and every one. Be a part of our anti mosquito campaign.

    Prevention is better than cure and preventing mosquito breeding in your locality will produce the most satisfactory result in mosquito control.

    Bacto Power, India

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