Bacto Power, India
Bacto Power, India

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About Us

Established in the year 2005, with the motto to be the best in the Bio Larvicides manufacturing, Bacto Power India Pvt.Ltd. today embodies the vision of a top notch player engaged in developing ,commercializing and production of superior quality BTI – Bacillus Thurangiensis Israelensis bio-chemicals.

The Company was started with a vision to be recognized as an aggressive company that combines its strength of team work manufacturing with definite advantages in terms of cost with a strong emphasis on Quality of the products.

The untiring efforts of the Chairman Mr. K.P. Nair is to develop processes for Bacto Power (BTI) at relatively affordable cost compared with the products manufactured in USA or Latin America, thus making possible to save several lifes, meeting all the Regulatory and Quality norms.

We are now focusing on giving new dimensions to the company in terms of exploring possibilities of further growth, exploring new horizons in the field of Bio Chemicals specially on Bacto Power (BTI) –Baccillus Thurangiensis Israelensis development and evolving strategies to take the company to greater heights.

The Bacto Power (BTI) Larvicide has been successfully used in Asia, Africa and Latin America, recognized by the local authorities as a powerful product in combat of mosquito larvae and for the malaria control.

Today, Bacto Power India Pvt Ltd. is a reliable company for the manufacture of Larvicide Bacto Power (BTI) in Coimbatore State of Tamil Nadu.

Bacto Power, India

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